Primary Healthcare Network in Italy, ensuring high-standard services and care.

Thanks to the AssirecreGroup Network, individuals and families of all age groups can access personalized and comprehensive healthcare products.

Excellent cost-to-quality ratio of the provided services.

In accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001 procedures, we have been selecting the best healthcare facilities across the Italian territory for over 30 years.

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AssirecreGroup manages a network of over 4,000 healthcare facilities, including inpatient clinics, diagnostic centers, and dental offices, spread across the entire Italian territory. We oversee the direct management and payment of healthcare services, achieving the best quality-to-cost ratio for the services provided.

Thanks to AssirecreGroup, insurance companies, funds, mutuals, and even businesses can provide their insured and assisted individuals with access to top-quality healthcare at highly competitive prices.

The use of the network can be customized to meet the economic and quality criteria of the client, including specific groups of end-users.

Cost control for direct healthcare services is achieved through specific agreements with healthcare facilities and medical professionals.

To explore our network, please click here: ASSIRETE, CONVENTIONAL NETWORK.



Facility Portal

In the context of a growing collaboration between AssirecreGroup and its Network, we have developed a new facility portal that facilitates continuous and immediate communication between the two entities.

With a unique ID and password, each facility gains access to its exclusive area. Within this area, facilities can:


• Update their banking information.

• Download issued authorizations.

• Submit reimbursement requests for directly provided services.

• Monitor the status of their submitted requests.


Facility Login

If you are a part of our network, access your personalized area for a prompt and comprehensive exchange of the necessary information for the accurate resolution of claims.



Are you interested in becoming part of our network?

Joining the Assirete network means becoming a part of a high-quality network that guarantees services and care of high standards. This extensive network spans across the entire Italian territory and comprises over 4,000 facilities, including inpatient clinics, diagnostic centers, and dental offices.

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