The Assirete Card provides access to top-notch healthcare services without age restrictions or waiting times, along with discounts and special rates for specialist consultations, diagnostics, laboratory tests, physiotherapy, and dental treatments. With a network of over 4,000 affiliated centers, including hospitals, diagnostic facilities, and dental clinics, you can access more than 10,000 services across the country with ease.

Affiliated Network

To access a comprehensive list of affiliated healthcare facilities, which includes hospitals, outpatient clinics, and dental offices in partnership with Assirete, kindly refer to our interactive map.

Costs, Duration, and Renewal

The Assirete Card remains valid for 365 days from the activation date. The activation cost of the card varies depending on the selected version:

  • Assirete Basic Card: 28,00 EUR
  • Assirete Premium Card: 35,00 EUR

As the expiration date of the Assirete Card draws near, the system will automatically send an email containing renewal instructions.

Assirete Basic Card:

It enables access to services across the entire network of affiliated healthcare facilities at reduced rates compared to standard fees.

Assirete Premium Card:

Besides offering discounted rates, the Premium version of the Card grants access to the Operations Center, which is available 24/7 via a dedicated number. Through this center, you can access the following services:


  • Telephone healthcare triage, serving as an initial assessment before a potential general or specialist teleconsultation.

  • Scheduling medical/pediatric home visits.

  • Dispatching a nurse or physiotherapist to your home.

  • Home delivery of medications.

  • Medical transportation services.

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