Accessing Medicine Through Apps at Your Fingertips

Ippocrate.com is a user-friendly web platform that narrows the gap between citizens and the healthcare system in all its aspects.

It offers an alternative approach to managing most healthcare needs by providing innovative diagnostic services, both general and specialist telemedicine, medical services, and home delivery of medications. Additionally, it streamlines access and presents cost-effective alternatives to the traditional medical services offered by the 3000 healthcare facilities within the Assirete Network.

A team of expert and qualified healthcare professionals is available to citizens 24/7, addressing a wide range of health issues promptly and guiding users toward the most suitable and consistent primary medical solutions, without constraints related to location or time.

The Ippocrate.com platform, along with its namesake app, can be effortlessly integrated (via APIs) into customer management platforms for a variety of products, ranging from insurance and banking/financial services to those in the retail sector. It can be acquired without upfront investments by insurance companies, banks, businesses, mutuals, associations, cooperatives, non-profit organizations, etc., seeking to enhance and broaden their service offerings for their users in general.

Ippocrate.com is also a convenient app, accessible from your smartphone with just a few taps. By downloading it from the Google Play Store and Apple Play Store and enabling notifications, users can receive:

  • Updates and news about Ippocrate.com and its services
  • Confirmations of reservations, payments, and alerts

The available services include:




Telemedicine and Teleconsultation

Our service is available 24/7, allowing you to schedule a video consultation with specialist doctors or a phone consultation with a general practitioner, pediatrician, or geriatrician by selecting from the network provided by our partners. This quick and straightforward solution improves doctor-patient communication and guides patients to the appropriate level of care.


A.I. Symptom Checker

The automatic symptom evaluation service is based on artificial intelligence algorithms and serves as a virtual medical assistant for triage and pre-diagnosis. In just a few minutes, by indicating symptoms and responding to simple questions, the virtual medical assistant will provide a list of possible diagnoses and offer recommendations for the next steps.


Home Care

Within a few hours, you can arrange for medical visits at home conducted by general practitioners or specialists, along with the assistance of nurses and physiotherapists. Through one of our qualified partners, you can access all home-based services nationwide by booking through the app/portal.


Home Medication Delivery

Through one of our partners, we arrange the delivery of medications, over-the-counter products, medical devices, and healthcare supplies directly to your home or workplace, saving you time and providing a solution for situations when traveling may be challenging.

Medical and Healthcare Equipment Rental

Through our partnered suppliers, you can rent medical and healthcare equipment such as crutches, braces, etc., with the option of home delivery.

Second Opinion

We can provide specialized medical consultations, even at a healthcare facility chosen by the patient within our network, to review the diagnosis and/or treatment recommendations previously provided by other doctors or facilities.

Family Coach

We offer professionals with specific skills to assist families and caregivers in developing concrete and personalized solutions, as well as providing ongoing psychological support.

Medical Transport

Scheduled ambulance or medical car transport, available nationwide, for hospital visits or returning home.

Medical concierge

A dedicated clinical team that continuously responds to all healthcare orientation requests, ensuring a rapid clinical assessment and potentially guiding individuals to the most appropriate specialist as needed.