Creating Value for Our Clients through the Continuous Enhancement of the Quality of Services offered to both our Clients and their beneficiaries, with the utmost attention to the needs of all stakeholders involved.

In 1991, ASSI.RE.CRE was founded

Since its inception, the company has been distinguished by its specialization and independence. It is not owned, either directly or indirectly, by insurance companies, reinsurers, funds, or brokers. These attributes have gradually enabled ASSI.RE.CRE to establish a strong presence in the market. In its initial years of operation, it had already built a portfolio of significant clients, including prominent Italian and international insurance companies, funds, and healthcare providers.


In 2001, following nearly a decade of continuous activity and growth

The need to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of services through the broader adoption of information technology and the implementation of control and project planning models became apparent around 2001. Consequently, Assirecre Consulting was established as an IT development company with a team of programmers and analysts. The company later took on the role of the operational holding company within the Assirecre Group. Assirecre Consulting specializes in designing and creating customized claims management software and developing web portals for its clients. Over time, it has expanded its expertise to encompass legal matters (including the creation and management of Health Funds, Assistance Funds, and Mutual Funds), as well as statistical/actuarial capabilities (such as AS IF and IBNR estimation) and Risk Management.

Two years later, in 2003, Assirete was established.

Specializing in developing and managing a network of agreements with healthcare facilities and centers nationwide, Assirete rapidly implemented a competitive end-to-end management system for illness events. This comprehensive system includes coverage information, rate verification, medical oversight of provided services, case status updates, and payment management. Over time, the affiliated network expanded beyond inpatient facilities to encompass diagnostic and specialized outpatient centers. This expansion was facilitated by the prior experiences of the two affiliated companies.

In 2005, Assigesco was founded

Building on the experience gained in the healthcare sector and driven by specific client demands, Assigesco was founded as a company dedicated to managing claims in the field of non-life claims. Over the years that followed, Assigesco has firmly positioned itself as a prominent player in outsourced damage insurance claims management, having successfully handled over 100,000 claims from its inception to the present day. The company specializes in the healthcare and professional liability insurance segments.

On January 1, 2015, the current group structure was established.

In 2014, a corporate merger occurred, resulting in the formation of the current Assirecre Group structure. On this occasion, effective from January 1, 2015, Assirete was merged into Assirecre Srl, which subsequently changed its name to Assirete Srl. Since January 2015, Assirete has been handling all operational activities related to health insurance policy management and overseeing the network of agreements, including the dental network.

In 2017, Assiwelfare was established.

Due to the company’s increased focus on well-being, Assiwelfare was established with the aim of engaging in activities aimed at facilitating the implementation of corporate welfare programs, including third-party management of healthcare vouchers and the management of all related services.